Saturday, June 2, 2012

Facing your Fears: What's your Gecko?

 I originally posted this in 2010. Tonight, I encountered another gecko in my home. My reaction and results were much improved. Perhaps we CAN learn from our fears. Read more about my first reaction.

 Recently, while at home alone I encountered a gecko? a lizard? or salamander? All I know is that it was a pale, pinkish, tan color and slithered. While sitting in front of the television, I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. You know the feeling when you think you just saw something move but you're not sure? I looked away then returned my glance to see this 4-inch long lizard-like creature perched atop a picture frame. Being a city girl, I don't take kindly to God's creatures coming indoors. My thought is: I don't mess with them and they won't mess with me. Little did I know, an epic battle was about to begin.

 As a person who typically springs into action during a crisis, I decided to take on this creature with a broom and a can of Raid Wasp and Hornet spray...don't laugh, this made sense in the moment. With my tools of combat firmly in hand, I slowly moved toward the creature perched atop the picture frame. I was already convinced the gecko was contemplating how to attack me while I was sleeping. I proceeded to spray the creature with a long full stream of Raid ( yes, Wasp and Hornet spray) and swat at it with the broom. This caused several framed prints to fall from the wall with the glass shattering as they crashed on the table directly beneath them. Now here's what I learned about chemicals and gecko-lizards.

Raid is like an energy drink to a gecko-lizard! Filled with the chemical, this creature moved up, down and across the wall in a random, quick, sporadic pace. This thing went wild scurrying behind a sofa then under the coffee table as I watched in shock and awe. In a perfectly timed response to its aimless dance, I began to swat frantically at where ever I thought this thing might consider going. I knocked over a lamp, a vase on the table, rolled up the area rug stomped on it, tossed pillows in the air and pulled furniture away from every wall spraying more Raid. After a few minutes of still not finding the gecko, I stood in the middle of the room in stunned silence observing my quickly created disaster. Streaks of Raid silently dripped down the walls, its quiet puddles bubbling on the wooden end tables. One table was on its side and shards of glass from the broken frames and the vase were scattered on a sofa and the carpet. The scent of chemicals in the Raid filled the air, stinging my nostrils. Yes, my home now looked like the crime scene without the yellow tape or a body. And still, I had not found the lizard. All of this in response to a little creature who was most likely lost and as afraid of me as I was of it.

The story could end here with me and the lizard finding a peaceful co-existence. But the next day, I left for a business trip. I slept fine in my hotel room. However, while I was away I dreamed the Geico gekco (you know the one from the commercials),was the deejay at a lizard house party in my home. He and his lizard friends were plotting on how they would attack me when I returned home. When I made it home, I could not sleep because I knew before I left I had never found the creature. I continued to fear its attack as it lurked in the dark corners of my home. Well, this week the saga continued.

After a Bible study with a few women from my church, I was walking the last guest to the door and there on the front door was the gecko-lizard creature! We both screamed like little school girls (her words) and once again I grabbed my broom in true Ninja warrior style. It scampered away into the darkness and my guest ran to her car. I decided I simply needed to get over this, because surely it was gone for good. Yet a few days later, after returning home from a relaxing dinner, I felt compelled to write about this incident as it related to life's fears and learning to trust God to handle our battles. Like a well-scripted actor taking his cue on stage, guess who shows up? I opened the front door and gecko-lizard falls from the top of the front door frame barely missing my shoulder. I ran into the kitchen and in another act of warrior bravery decided it was going to be me or him. I grabbed my trusty Ninja-broom-sword and ran to the front door. The lizard was still there. It slithered up and down the front door in confusion. I took the broom in both hands and drew it back to go in for the hit. WHACK! With all my force, I slammed it against the front door (thankfully the glass panes on the door did not shatter). I did not miss this time. The lizard fell to the floor, and I kept whacking until part of its tail broke off continuing to wriggle while the rest of the lizard lay lifeless on the hardwood floor.

Do I feel bad? Yes, a little, I never want to condone violence or harm God's creatures, but I really have been terrified of this thing. My lesson has been that sometimes God just wants us to face our fears and take action. Someone once said to me,"If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it." This had been my moment to step up or let fear dictate my every move in my home. What are you afraid of? Are you swatting frantically at life with no real plan? Are you using the right tools to address the fear? Are you afraid to take action? Whether it's starting a new job, leaving a bad relationship, committing to a fitness program, moving to a new city or sharing your faith. You too can face your gecko. How will you have the confidence to confront it? 1 Corinthians 2:3 says, "I was with you in weakness and in fear and in much trembling." Whatever fear you face, remember: God is always with us. Faith makes one fine pillow.  Taking charge and making a decision to address my fear allows me to sleep soundly in a now gecko-free home.

Go now, face your gecko, uh, fear. Just remember to take your broom and a can of Raid.

What are your thoughts? Please click comment below and talk to me...I want to hear from you on how you face your fears in life.