Sunday, March 25, 2012

8 Lessons from the Hunger Games

Many of my students, clients, colleagues and friends have asked my opinion about the Hunger Games books and now, the movie. In the interest of research and despite NOT being in the target demographic, I read two of the books in the trilogy and am starting the third. I have not seen the movie which made $155 million in domestic revenue in its opening debut. That's the third biggest opening in Hollywood history, even surpassing the Twilight movies. 

Entertainment critics, bloggers and religious leaders are debating the deeper moral issues, symbolism, violence and messages of governmental oppression conveyed by the Hunger Games. As of today, I have not come to any deep moral conclusions about the books or the movie. That could change as I observe the intensity with which teenagers, college students and colleagues (both young and old) embrace the Hunger Games trilogy. I believe we will be discussing this entertainment phenomenon for awhile. So for those who keep asking me for my observations, I have eight simple life lessons gained from reading the Hunger Games books:

1) Strong, independent women can also be vulnerable and conflicted.
2) The guy who loves you most may not be the one you notice first.
3) You will eat burnt bread and squirrels if you get hungry enough.
4) Everyone needs a relevant survival skill for everyday life. What's yours?
5) Even in the future, you need to be physically fit. 
6) We all know a few TrackerJackers and are thankful for the MockingJays.
7) Every woman needs a personal stylist like Cinna.
8) If Katniss can survive the Hunger Games twice, you can do anything. 

If you saw the movie or read the books, what life lessons would you add to this list? Serious or funny comments welcome below this post....Go!