Monday, November 30, 2009

What is Leadership? Other things you can't read in a book

Leadership is a term loosely thrown around in today's business world, on college campuses and in many churches. As any good blogger would do, I conducted a Google search for a definition of the word leadership. I found more than 24,600,000 definitions. One source of definitions, I've always trusted in Merriam-Webster's dictionary (they have an online version too). They list at least four definitions. The second defintion intrgues me most because Leaderhip is also defined as the capacity to lead. Capacity? what does that mean? Well, good old Merriam Webster provided me with six definitions of capacity. My favorites are: the potential or suitability for holding, storing or accomodating. Hmmm...another favorite? the facility or power to produce, perform or deploy.